Hammer Drill VS Impact Drill – 4 Facts You Should Know for Choosing the Right Drill for Your Project

An operator holding a hammer drill

About Hammer Drill VS impact Drill,

Working on DIY projects often involves driving screws anddrilling holes。Whether you pick a suitablesaw bladeor another tool, it’s critical to have the right gear for the job.

A hammer drill and impact drill might have similar appearances, but their performance varies. It’s important to use each tool, such asdiamond drill bits,正确,但是您需要先找到合适的设备。

In this article, we are focusing on the difference between a hammer drill and an impact drill. So, here is what you need to know when choosing a suitable tool for the next project!


Working indoors with a hammer drill


A hammer drill is a powerful tool that allows drilling holes through different materials. Therefore, it’s suitable for granite,marble, brick, concrete, and other materials.

It’s a handheld tool, which means you hold it in your hands while operating it. Each device comes with a drill bit that you push back and forth into the material.

Apart from the standard hammer drill driver, you can also use rotary hammers, which are more powerful. So, if you are working with rough materials, a旋转锤可能是一个更好的选择。


  • It’s capable of drilling holes through various materials.
  • Some drills come with regular and rotary hammers.
  • 这些工具具有出色的多功能性。
  • It’s capable of driving bolts and screws.
  • The product offers a high torque.


  • It comes with a small learning curve, especially because it’s heavier.
  • The price tag can be higher than for impact drills.
  • You might lose the chuck key.
  • 除了钻孔外,它还不能很好地处理其他任务。

2. What Is the Impact Driver/Drill?

A cordless impact driver


区分您是使用撞击驱动程序还是钻头至关重要。撞击驱动器可用于驾驶螺钉,紧固件和螺栓成孔。它具有较高的旋转,因此可以在需要时产生大量扭矩。除驾驶外,这些工具还适用于卸下螺钉和螺栓。因此,它们很方便在必要时卸下生锈的单元。查看this video查看如何用撞击驱动器去除紧固件。

An impact drill, however, performs the same action as its hammer counterpart. Therefore, it can drill holes through various materials. Depending on the device, some units only have the driving function, while others can also do the drilling.


  • 它可以驱动螺钉和螺栓,但也可以卸下它们。
  • The tool offers high torque when it’s necessary.
  • 即使您是新手,易于操作。
  • 一些单元适合执行钻井动作。
  • They don’t have a chuck key, which means you can’t lose it.


  • It doesn’t always have the same precision as hammer drills.
  • The longevity depends on the unit.
  • The versatility doesn’t match the hammer drills.
  • It doesn’t perform well in other tasks apart from driving screws.


We use a table to summarize the difference between Hammer Drill and Impact Driver.

产品 Uses Design 推动力 机制 Rotations per minute (Speed) Torque 查克
Hammer Drill Drilling holes through various materials 鼻子和手柄 电动 Hammer action 2K-3K 多变 3-jaw chuck
Impact Driver Fastening and loosening screws 提醒螺丝刀 Electric Rotation action 2K – 3.5K 无控制 Hexagonal socket

The next section in our hammer drill vs. impact drill guide focuses on the tools’ actual differences. So, let’s look at how they perform in various areas. That’ll tell us how to pick the perfect device for your upcoming project.

3.1. Uses

如果您查看它们的用途,您将了解这些工具之间的关键区别。因此,Hammer Drill主要使用钻入不同材料的钻孔。因此,您可以将它们用于从木材到更坚固的材料(例如bricksand stones. You might find this视频useful for drilling holes in thick metal.

On the other hand, an impact driver primarily serves for driving screws in various materials. Therefore, you can use it for driving and loosening bolts, nuts, and screws of different sizes.

3.2. Design

Newbies might find the design of a hammer drill driver and impact driving units similar. So, the critical difference is the three-jaw chuck present in hammer drills. To clarify, It serves to hold the bits, which makes it a convenient addition. The standard hammer units remind of a power drill, while rotary tools are larger and heavier.



In short, the standard hammer drill operates by offering repeating blows in the desired direction. Therefore, the force moves along the tool’s length or its vertical axis. Thanks to that, it can drill the hole in different materials. The suitability for various applications depends on the unit’s specifics.


3.4. Each Accepts Different钻头

You’ll find an option to insert bits into an adjustable chuck in an impact drill. So, this tool is suitable for hex-shank and standarddrill bits。至于锤单元,您可以插入相同的位类型。但是,不同之处在于它们应该更耐用,因此碳化物尖头是明智的选择。因此,如果您仅使用撞击驱动程序,则需要插入特殊的驱动器位,以提供合适的冲击等级。

4. Hammer Drill vs Impact Drill - 哪个是您项目的最佳钻头?

A DIY project of building a drawer

Caption: A DIY project of building a drawer

Each tool has specific advantages and drawbacks so that you can use both in the workshop. Therefore, it’s all about choosing a suitable device for your project.

DIY enthusiasts doing masonry projects will benefit from using a hammer drill. However, professionals might find rotary hammers more suitable since they deliver additional power. So, if you plan on doing demolition work, rotary units are a smart choice.

While you can use an impact drill for concrete, it’s vital to find a high-quality unit. Meanwhile, you might discover impact drivers are convenient for at-home projects. These tools are cheap and useful. Therefore, they can make your job easier when driving and loosening screws and bolts.


尽管他们是相似的,你可以注意到some differences between a hammer drill and impact drills. To sum up, you use hammer drill mostly for drilling holes, while impact drivers are for fastening and loosening screws. Moreover, there might be differences in design, mechanism, and the chuck used.


切开桌子锯上的角度 - 3个步骤可轻松切开桌子锯的角度

Cutting angles on table saw

It is a known fact that angles play a significant role in woodworking. Cutting angles on a table saw will help you deliver more amazing projects to your clients.

Nevertheless, as you advance in this field and start handling more projects, you will face shapes more complex than basic angles. Therefore, it is critical to know how to cut angles to determine your ability to handle complex designs in the future.

因此,本文将使您了解有效的方法来切开角度table saw

Cutting angles on table saw

Figure 1: Cutting angles on table saw.

Section 1: What tools do you need for cutting angles?


  • A table saw
  • 斜切仪or Taper jig
  • 测量仪器。例如,磁带措施或标尺
  • 起草三角形或框架广场
  • Safety Wears (glasses, dust mask, fenceclamps)
Various instruments for cutting at angles on wood

Figure 2: Various instruments for cutting at angles on wood.

Section 2: General Idea of Bevel Cut


Moreover,bevel cuts对于装饰目的,例如内饰,橱柜饰边等非常有用。除了桌子锯外,还有其他仪器可以切割斜角。这样的仪器是拼图,路由器或圆形锯;但是,拼图通常无法提供精确的切割。

Close-up image of angular cut

Figure 3: Close-up image of angular cut.

Section 3: How to cut angles on table saw

The following are the three major steps for cutting angles on the table saw:

3.1 Adjusting the wood and saw blade

Prepare the wood and saw blade:



Determine the nature of the angle you intend to cut. It involves知道您的项目所需的确切维度。用铅笔标记目标点,沉降问题re along the wood’s sides using a measuring tape or ruler. Verify that your angle is correct before you proceed.

Outline the Cut:

Indicate the cut’s start and end by linking the points you have marked. Double-check the sketched outline on the board before placing a ruler on the board to draw across it with a thick, dark line. Then measure the angle again.

Adjust the saw’s height:

The recommended blade height is about 0.64 cm. With this height in mind, you can then use the adjustment crank to adjust to the height.You can make adjustments by将尺子放在一块破碎的木头上。标记损坏的木头上的0.64厘米标记,并将其放在锯子旁边。调整锯,直到与标记点一致。提高锯的高度可以使刀片的牙齿和木材之间的更多接触,这些木材转化为平滑切割。但是,如果您不确定保持锯的最佳高度,请务必判断。

Saw blade at a particular height

Figure 4: Saw blade at a particular height.

3.2 Setting the wood at an angle

Prepare a drafting triangle for crosscut:

Clear the table before using a drafting triangle. You can create crosscuts across a board’s width or perpendicular to the grain of the wood. However, if you are trying to stay conscious of the wood’s length or edges then a taper jig is best. In a case where thedrafting triangleis not available, you can use a simpleframing square


A miter gauge is a portable holding device that enables you to cut angles on wood boards. To use this gauge, place it firmly against the edge of the drafting triangle. Pay attention to the calibration of the gauge as it is necessary to place the wood at your preferred angle.

Open the taper jig to set an angle for the wood:

使用的标准锥夹具长木头to brace a board’s side. It is particularly useful when making bevel cuts to keep your fingers away from the blade. Hold the jig against the side of the board opposite the cut. To make the process less complicated, use a sled-style jig instead of the triangular-shaped jigs.

Secure a Fence:

利用桌子锯fence, which serves as an integral safety feature. Slide the fence around the table to brace the miter or taper jig gauge. You can also slide a piece of scrap wood into the clamp at the back of the taper jig or front of the miter gauge.

斜切仪on the table saw




You must put on safety glasses while cutting angles on the table saw to protect your eyes against wood debris.

Make a couple of test cuts:

Make samples to ensure that your saw and miter gauge is in order. Get pieces of scrap wood, cut them as you would cut the wood for your project. Make the necessary adjustments and make sure the cut is clean.

Hold the scrap wood tightly against the fence

Furthermore, at the edge of the table, put the fence in front of your dominant side. Set the wood in between the fence and the saw, then align the saw with the sketch for cutting. Before you start cutting, make sure the miter gauge is out of the saw’s way.

Stand behind the wood:

Take a few moves to the side in the direction of your dominant hand. Place yourself instead of the saw blade right behind the miter gauge. Standing in this place prevents you from something called a kickback. It’s uncommon, but when you least expect it, it can happen.

Push the board and the fence:



Pull all back towards you when the saw has sliced through the surface, including the fence and miter gauge. Carry it around to the table’s edge. You can easily cut the wood and disconnect it from the miter gauge after deactivating the saw.


Finally, this article has properly outlined three important steps to make cutting angles on table saw effortless. Besides, you would find a few other tips about angle cutting duly outlined. For your next cutting project supplies, do well to reach out to us atnccuttingtools。我们有一系列可以满足您需求的自定义工具。

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