Rip Fence Tips–Choosing the right Rip Fence for your Table Saw


Nowadays, it is almost impossible to complete a cut on a table without a rip fence. It is a table saw accessory that helps you to align and guide your workpiece when切割正确。

When using the table saw, having a rip fence could solve a lot of potential hazards. Furthermore, it will eliminate any chance for wood movement or kickbacks to occur, which is dangerous.

Therefore, paying keen attention to choosing the best rip fence is a must. In succeeding paragraphs, you would learn the necessary tips to choose a rip fence that best suits your needs.




1.1What exactly is a rip fence?

A fact is that a table saw allows the cutting of large and complex workpieces. However, during cutting, many things could go wrong, and a rip fence prevents them. A table saw rip fence is a tool or accessory added to a table saw to help guide your workpiece. For smooth, accurate, and straight cuts, you can always count on the help from a table saw rip fence.

1.2 Why do you need a table saw fence?

Whether you are a beginner, amateur, or professional, you must keep a table saw rip fence handy. Firstly, it guarantees better accuracy, allows you to work faster, thereby saving you time and allowing you to do more. Secondly, with a table saw rip fence, you are 100% sure nothing can go wrong. It ensures that you are safe when working and do not get injured unnecessarily.

当桌子看到桌子上缺少撕裂围栏时,许多事情可能会出错。要开始,你可以从回扣中受伤。此外,如果没有桌子锯缝,你可能没有发现易于使用推杆。由于它进入圆锯刀片时,它不会导致工件跳动。它意味着你可能会失去一个手指or more when your hand comes too close to the circular blade.


Figure 2: A rip fence guiding a rip cutting process.

A rip fence guiding a rip cutting process.

Section 2: Rip Fence Tips如何制作自制的桌锯围栏?



First, gather tools needed for the entire exercise: threaded pipe, clamp kit, and plywood pieces. Furthermore, measure the width of your table saw. Again, get a couple of four-inch-wide plywood strips; you would need them for a square tube. Besides, you would also need some 2-inch strips of plywood. Most importantly, trim these strips of plywood to fit the measurement of the table saw.

By now, the plywood strips should be ready, and you can cut them into two equal squares. Nonetheless, bear in mind that the two squares must have a width of ½-inch and satisfactory length. Finally, you should end up with two pieces of each for the 2-inch and 4-inch plywood strip. Also, you must drill a hole at the center of each strip.

2.2 Building square tube and pipe clamp


Now, at one end of the square tube, position a square plywood piece to flush with an extended edge. Follow up with wood screws to lock the plywood in place.

Inside your 4ft pipe, thread one end of the clamp and slide into the tube. Ideally, the pipe should run from end to end of the square tube, and you should fasten the clamp’s end.

2.3 Placing the saw and using it.


这样做正确定位和夹紧快速眼动oved, the table saw rip fence is ready to guide your workpiece. The full assembly should slide back and forth effortlessly and adjustable depending on the size of the workpiece.


Figure 3: A home-made rip fence in action.

A home-made rip fence in action.



Figure 4: A professional performing cross-cutting with a rip fence.

A professional performing cross-cutting with a rip fence.


If you are just a hobbyist, then a manual table saw rip fence should do for you. It is because you do not have to use the table saw frequently but just occasionally. However, if you are a professional in woodworks, you need a table saw rip fence to save you time and energy. Surely, it is more expensive than the manual rip fence. Nevertheless, as a pro, you will reap the return on your initial investment in the long.

In essence, for continuous and non-stop cutting from time to time, consider getting the electric table saw rip fence.

3.2 Rip Capacity.





When purchasing a table saw rip fence, getting one fits different table saw is advisable. This is simply because it saves you the stress of finding compatible table saw tracks and guides. Thus, if you have to change your table saw, the rip fence will still fit in seamlessly.


Just like every other aspect of life, a great table saw rip fence is not free. In exchange for quality, you have to pay handsomely. Nevertheless, the joy is that you get maximum satisfaction from what you bought with your money. So every money spent will turn into an investment only if you purchase a well-reputed brand. Well-reputed brands of a table saw rip fence have an unrivaled quality and durability. Hence, it is not just enough to spend money but to spend wisely by purchasing reputable brands in the market.



第4节:RIP围栏提示What is the best way to use a table saw fence?


Figure 5: A properly aligned and parallel workpiece and rip fence.




4.2 Checking for Parallel Alignment.



精密校准工具和备用ion from your table saw manual, you can make the necessary adjustment. The tool used here is known as the table saw gauge. It can test several dimensions on your table, such as rip fence alignment, blade alignment, arbor shaft runout, etc. Now to align the table saw, do the following;


Lay the straight edge of the gauge on the table’s surface and tighten against the blade plate. Ensure that when you tighten, the straight edge is not resting on the teeth to avoid damage.

Measure the distance between the straight edge and the miter slot at each end. If the distance measured from each edge does not agree, then there is misalignment. You would need to loosen some bolts that attach the trunnions to the saw to adjust this misalignment. After that, you can perform the necessary alignment and then re-tighten the components.

4.4 Checking for Parallel Fence Alignment.

With the saw blade properly aligned, you can check the table saw rip fence parallel alignment. You can check this by setting the rip fence at different distances from the blade and measure the distance, respectively. All measurements must correspond when taken from the front and back of the straight edge.


Section 5: Rip Fence Tips你应该升级到专业围栏吗?

Well, this decision is all up to you; if your job requires frequent usage of a table saw, then you must get a professional rip fence. If otherwise, then stick with a simple/home-made fence.


总之,我们相信您已有所有关键信息和对RIP围栏的广泛知识。因此,如果您消化了本文的内容,请选择最佳RIP围栏对您不应该是一个问题。在NCCuttingtools, we offer the best cutting tool products and services. Should you need further guidance or assistance, reach out to us now.

如何切割木头– A Beginner’s Friendly Guide


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional carpenter, how to cut wood is an essential step in your project?

While it seems like a simple thing to do, the truth is there are numerous ways to cut wood. You might be unsure about the right way to handle your woodcutting project.

Therefore, we will discuss the items you require for this action in this article. Our team also mentions different types of cuts and the proper steps to complete the process. Here is what you need to know about cutting wood!

如何切割木头– Some Other Needed Tools to Cut Besides a Saw?






Caption: Backsaw working on a white background



People say this is the most frequent way of cutting wood. While you are cross-cutting it, your task is to cut across the board’s width or the wood’s grain. Therefore, the board will be shorter, or you will adjust it anyway it suits you. It’s easy to cut wood this way, and since most people are choosing a crosscut, many refer to it when they say “a cut.”

Rip Cuts

You could describe a裂开cut as a total opposite of a crosscut. Therefore, you will need to follow the board length while cutting or make a cut with the wood’s grain. As a result, you should shorten the board’s width. The idea is to make it narrow and adjust the width to your preference. It shouldn’t be challenging to get the desired results and maintain accuracy.

Miter Cuts



If you want to make bevel types of woodcuts, please note this is another angled cut. You make it on the material’s edge. That means you grab the wooden application and cut it to change its shape or profile. Depending on your requirements, it’s possible to change the board’s width and length. It’s imperative to maintain maximum accuracy to ensure a neatly cut material.


Here is a variation of the basic miter cut. It includes the elements of both bevel and miter types. Therefore, you can use them for projects like crown molding. The idea is to adjust the board’s length and shorten it to the desired requirements.


如何切割木头--A carpenter cutting wooden board with a circular saw

Caption: A carpenter cutting wooden board with a circular saw

Miter Saw


The first woodcutter tool we talk about is a miter saw. You can use it for narrow boards, and making cross cuts should be a piece of cake. Although 12-inch blades are the most frequent, you can also use sliding miter saws to increase the length when making crosscuts. The tool might not be 100% accurate, but experienced users will know how to make the most of it. You can use a miter saw to make miter and bevel cuts, too, such as for crown molding.

Circular Saw

Suitable for: Crosscuts, miter, bevel, compound miter, and rip cuts

There is no cut type you can’t make with a circular saw. Therefore, these tools are convenient for wider wooden pieces than the ones used with a miter tool. You can use a jig or guide to maximize precision when crosscutting. As for rip cuts, this tool will also deliver decent results when cutting along the grain.

Table Saw






Here is an interestingvideo这就比较了圆锯和拼图锯。


如何切割木头--Cutting a wooden board with a circular saw

Caption: Cutting a wooden board with a circular saw

It seems that you have everything ready now – you’ve picked the tools, and you know what’s the best切入点木材可以达到预期的效果。剩下的就是执行实际的过程。你要确保在切割木材时花时间。如果你仓促行事,可能得不到预期的效果,也会增加受伤的风险。

Here are the steps to take to cut the wood material you picked.

如何切割木头–Trim the End of the Board

The initial step is to take a single board’s end and square it. The odds are that the ends are not square, or at least not as square as you might like. That’s why you want to trim the board to ensure it features a flat and even surface. You can quickly check this by using a ruler.



如何切割木头–Position the Blade


它是一个很好的技巧使用,因为你可以horten the material, but there is no way to extend it. There, it’s enough to leave about the room’s hair, but make sure there’s some space.

如何切割木头–Make the Cut

这是过程的关键部分 - 是时候使用锯切割木头了!现在,您要正确放置刀片并激活该工具。尽量保持手稳定,慢慢降低刀片以开始切割。通过跟随您标记并完成切割的线路保持方向。

如何切割木头–Adjust the Cut if Necessary



如何切割木头– Precautions When Cutting Wood with a Saw

Wear Protective Gear for Your Eyes or Face

如何切割木头--Protective goggles

Caption: Protective goggles

  • Don’t Wear Jewelry or Loose Clothing Items
  • 确保设置正确的刀片深度
  • Check the Wood
  • 收紧夹具适当地


这就是我们的伐木指南,我们希望你们现在了解所有细节。必须选择正确的刀具并确定所需的切削。一旦你把所有的细节都整理好了,就应该很容易进行切割了。如果您需要高质量的工具,请随时联系我们数控刀具. We have modern equipment and skillful experts ready to meet any customized requirements for your order. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the details today!

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